Robert S. Stewart has developed a rare and unique global consultancy service that bridges numerous conflicting cultures, governments, languages, religions, histories, political and market forces. He creates great economic value for companies in every major industry and technology worldwide. Interop addresses the hidden forces that occasionally disrupt the smooth flow of trade and investment from one country to another. With his origins in multi-lingual and multi-ethnic Canada prior to 1968, Stewart developed direct, immediate and on-going relations with numerous Heads of State, Ministers, Government officials and CEO's of many multinational corporations, multilateral financial institutions and agencies in over 117 nations worldwide.

As Chairman/CEO of many separate companies, Robert S. Stewart accomplished this by starting his career as the first person to circumnavigate the world overland. He stopped in and studied at great length and depth in 167 countries along the way as the world went through one of the most dramatic sea changes of the past millennium. The tumult of the 20th century was ongoing. He has been doing the same since 1968 and frequently circles the globe.


Hundreds of European explorers had led voyages of colonization, exploration, exploitation, trade and development in sailing ships since 1000 AD, but no one had physically driven overland to every continent (except Antarctica) and around each country since that time to forge deep personal relationships with new, potential global partners.

This far surpassed the era of exerting colonial, political, military or cultural dominance. This effort was to create mutual advantage from international trade and investment through co-operation and mutual understanding. 

The creation of nearly 100 new countries in Africa, Asia and other parts of the world afforded the development of numerous new emerging markets on an unprecedented scale. This was the first major global market expansion since the Middle Ages.


Stewart set up its initial headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. This very disciplined, rich, technically powerful, innovative, secure, and neutral country was already much admired for its global dominance and integrity in engineering, manufacturing and finance. Interop worked with its largest banks and engineering companies to develop these new markets since 1978.

In 1979, an office was opened in London, one of the leading financial and trade capitals of the world. Further offices were opened in San Francisco (1980), New York (1985), Toronto (1989), Calgary (1990), Los Angeles (1999), Florida (2001), Malibu, California (2006) Scottsdale, Arizona (2007), Mont-sur-Rolle (2010) Varese, Italy (2011), Edmonton, Canada (2012), Gstaad, Saanenland, Bern, Switzerland (2013) and throughout dozens of countries in emerging markets.

Our most important work ever has been in developing world-class mining, metallurgical and petroleum operations and their supporting infrastructure around the world.


In addition, Stewart helped in the first discovery of HIV/AIDS in the early 1980's. Since then much support was given to funding new global institutions, bio-medical research for the development, production and distribution of life-saving medicines to kill the virus in patients.

AIDS affected tens of thousands of migrant mine workers around the world, and therefore became an important issue to confront head-on. Interop brought the disease and its cures to the attention of the outside medical world to affect its discovery, find solutions, and assisted with raising substantial funds to provide early treatments.


Stewart continues to expand his global consultancy. Clients include several Fortune 500 companies listed on major stock exchanges in London, New York, Zurich and Toronto such as Exxon/Mobil Oil Corp., Commonwealth Development Corporation, Union Bank of Switzerland, JP Morgan Chase Investment Bank, the Government of Canada, as well as some of the largest privately held companies in the world.

These include construction and engineering companies such as Bechtel Corp., Morrison Knudsen Corp., Krupp/Thyssen AG, Sir Alexander Gibb and Partners, Strabag AG, Mott MacDonald, MacLaren Engineering and LTA (AngloAmerican); mining and metallurgical giants Falconbridge (now Xstrata plc), Sherritt, INCO, Hudson's Bay Mining and Smelting, Anglo American, and Minorco; petroleum companies including Exxon-Mobil Corp., Amoco/BP, Chevron, Ocelot International Inc., the world's largest cement producer Holcim AG; telecommunications giant Motorola Corp. and many more

              London                            New York                                Zurich

Combined with working on established markets for large incumbent companies marketing products that have established the status quo, Stewart takes a very leading edge role in initiating and running start-up, high-tech companies that bring new technology to the world.

These include the introduction of minerals, natural gas production and methanol plants, hybrid airships, alternative,  integrative and complementary health care clinics,  VoIP telecommunications equipment and global networks, pyrolitic waste recycling, greater environmental preservation methods, hydrogen fuel cells, alternative fuels such as Solar and Hydrogen energy. 

In the 1990's, Stewart helped to lead the telecommunications revolution by incorporating VoIP into global long distance telephony networks and equipment as CEO of Franklin Telecom Corp. and assisting with Justice Telecom Corp.

Throughout the 1990's and the new millennium of 2000, Stewart conducted negotiations between opposing sides that led to an International Peace Agreement between the warring factions of the world's largest land war. 


This involved five countries covering the whole of Central Africa in the DR Congo War. Several negotiations took place at Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe; Durban, South Africa; Kinshasa, DR Congo; Kampala, Uganda; Washington DC and elsewhere.

Throughout the 1980's, Stewart assisted a brilliant team of international medical researchers including microbiologist Dr. Wilson Carswell and Dr. David Serwadda who led the co-discovery of HTLV3, one of the earliest identified mutations of HIV/AIDS by bringing the research from Uganda's Mulago Hospital to the London Institute of Tropical Medicine.

This sped up the discovery of HIV/AIDS which in turn alerted the world to its presence and started the long road to finding solutions. Now, as President of the Global Health Partnership Corp., a bio-technology company, new molecules have been discovered providing new medications that effectively cure patients of the devastating effects of HIV/AIDS. Clinical trials have proven the success of these products.

Final, conclusive, double blind placebo, Phase II, III and IV clinical trials have been prepared for final scientific proof of concept that the new molecules kill the HIV virus and cure the patient by restoring the body's full immune system.

This is a dramatic improvement over anti-retro-virals (ARV's) that are expensive, painful and do not kill the virus. No vaccine has yet been proven effective. Pending completion of the trials in early 2008, manufacturing and global distribution will follow immediately thereafter.

Throughout the 1970's Stewart led International Trade Missions between dozens of countries that led to the first infrastructure projects introduced to build 34 developing countries.

From the 1960's to the present day, Stewart has been an invited guest speaker to several CEO fora of global leaders that established international trade without corruption, transparent of all practises that brought criminal behaviour, disrepute or unethical practises to most international trade and investment.

These are all milestones that Stewart is justly proud of his modest global contributions.

He built his reputation and integrity on the principles of understanding the economic and political gaps while creating the bridges between competing cultures and products, making quality decisions about tendering bids, marketing products, providing reliable investment and management services with the greatest of international integrity and honesty.

His greatest understanding is in planning the logistics, supply chain management and implementation of building major infrastructure projects worldwide.

His diversified consulting core activity includes undertaking deep and direct intelligence reporting directly from primary sources on markets and countries, affording introductions to Heads of State and Corporate CEO's, whilst conducting CEO-level negotiations and representing a broad range of markets.

He continues to grow by interpreting long historical trends, taking extremely rapid advantage of scrupulous insider information and recognized intelligence services, staying ahead of global market trends, and listening to customers on the street, something few behemouth and fragmented companies can accomplish today with acute skill and precision.

                                 UN                                    NATO                                       WORLD BANK

Over the past 40 years, Stewart has attended global summits and been guest speaker at several including Commonwealth Heads of Government Meetings, G7 and G8 Summits, Crans Montana, Monte Carlo, World Economic Forum and other CEO Summits,
the World Bank and IMF Annual Meetings, and various UN Annual Meetings including UNCTAD, WIPO, WHO, UNAIDS, the ITU and the General Assembly.

This unique service has established our place as the only company that has completed four decades of dramatic financial successes in several industries on every continent, except Antarctica. These have been conducted in some of the most difficult emerging countries of Africa, in the former Soviet bloc and Eastern Europe, Asia, the Middle East, the Caribbean and South America.

Stewart has worked deeply within the senior ranks of the Canadian and US governments and is familiar with every country in the new European Union including independent Switzerland. Most Third World negotiations are conducted at the Head of State level.

This allows him to make a distinctive and substantial impact for clients. Navigating your way around the world today requires profound insight into how different cultures and peoples operate, a great historical overview, understanding the rapid evolution of global markets, the impact of open capital movements, and an ability to go nose-to-nose with the constant flux of market and government leaders who rule and influence the world.

Knowing these leaders on an intimate, personal and professional level underscores the success of closing deals and making markets happen. Speaking their languages, understanding their cultures and having a first hand 40 year overview of how these countries operate is critical to success for any company.

Not everyone who wants to expand into global markets has that built-in experience and expertize. Interop has developed it the hard way.

Stewart has established his credibility and track record on the back of verifiable, financially successful deals. This takes enormous hard work, courage, intelligence and consistent effort.

To get immediate help for your international operations, contact him today.