Robert S. Stewart has initiated several global mining and petroleum projects and works with or represents joint venture partners and numerous corporations with governments throughout the world.

Every project and task is researched individually and a detailed method of handling it is discussed in depth with partners and clients. North American headquarters are in Toronto, Canada.


This may include different alternatives of representing the client, joint venturing, raising substantial capital in domestic and international markets, or simply negotiating on behalf of the client to achieve a beneficial result.

Stewart has access to Debt, Equity and Commodity markets in Toronto, New York, San Francisco, London, Frankfurt, Geneva and Zurich. He has raised tens of billions of dollars of investment for new mining and infrastructure projects, achieved dramatic profit and payouts for successful projects, and continue to open doors to international trade, investment and product development worldwide. 


The tasks are taken on with time being of the essence and therefore quick, positive results are secured. Stewart is paid when the client achieves the success that he is able to create and afford.                                                                              


Stewart always invests heavily in capital, time, energy and management skills in all the projects and companies it believes have a sincere and realistic opportunity to becoming over time, patience and hard work, valuable world-class entities.


                                      SAANENLAND, Canton Bern, Switzerland

      Gstaad, Saanen, Rougemont, Schonried, Saanenmoser, Gsteig and Chateau d'Oex 

Stewart has been in Saanen-Gstaad for 33 years. As Saanenland enters a new era of development (2015-2050), Stewart has written a Master Plan to implement many new facilities, events and infrastructure to enhance the visitor and permanent resident experience in this world-class destination.


Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Stewart works from offices worldwide in California (USA), Canada (Manitoba, Alberta and British Columbia), Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands (Amsterdam). He can be contacted on international satellite telephone +31 62 831 1701 (no charges to the caller).